Braddy Reads In Real Life (By Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang)

No matter what, you can never not be yourself.

Our century provides us with unprecedented opportunities to achieve anonymity. Online, you can be anyone. And, often, you choose to be someone else.

Online, usually civil adults lose temper over the most innocuous tweets.

Online, children ape older, fouler mouths their parents think they keep hidden.

Online, a chubby computer geek can be an elegant, dangerous redhead.

I started this blog to be a personal project, and even I admit that, here, I’m playing a character.

But the edges can blur, and actions in the “virtual” world have real-world consequences. And they need not all be bad. A comment unsaid online may lead to a civil discussion at a dinner table. A simple click of a thumbs-up button can bring a smile to a forgotten friend’s face. A girl can dye her hair red.

Our online personality can be a distillation of our best parts, rather than our worst, if we allow it to be.

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