Beauty of the Horse

So this is a horse I drew:


I’ve been told that horses are very difficult for most artists to draw. I don’t find them to be too difficult, no more so than hands and feet. I don’t draw any of these things well, but one is no more difficult than another.

I drew this horse without a photo reference, although I’ve drawn so many horses while sitting at a computer with Google image search pulled up on the monitor I probably don’t really need to look at a photo anymore.  It seems that, the more a thing becomes familiar, the more readily we can reproduce its image, and the more beautiful it becomes to us.

I did, while drawing this horse, look at another picture I drew of a cow, to see if I got the legs right. I don’t even know if cow legs and horse legs are similar.

There was a girl I knew years ago.  She was tall and beautiful, and she had a long face with strong, slender features.  I saw her every week at church.  I always thought she looked like a horse.  I never told her that.

I saw her at the bank once.  She was standing in the line at the next window over from where I was.  I didn’t say “hi” or smile in her direction.  I didn’t tell her about the horse thing then, either.

I’ve been told that was a good thing.  To be honest, I’m not so sure.

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