Take My Hand, Love


The other day, I had a lengthy discussion with a friend on the appropriate technique to employ when taking a date’s hand.

(What wisdom I had to contribute to the argument is a mystery to me, as it has been quite some time since I had any opportunity to employ any technique of any kind.)

My friend argued that the act of initiating a hand-hold in a darkened movie theater is akin to an exquisite game of chess.

When arriving at your seats, you decline to make the first move and simply leave the armrest up, thus gauging your partner’s openness to the encounter.

During the movie, you monitor your partner’s moves. Do they fold their hands chastely, securely in their lap? Or is the hand left in a more aggressive position, somewhere near the knee?

You further assess your partner’s interest with a slight, accidental brush of your little finger against theirs. It’s a bold move, but one with some level of deniability. If they flinch, you merely apologize and withdraw.

If, however, they hold their position, you can move in a bit more aggressively, perhaps brushing the back of their hand with your fingertips. At that point, it should become clear that you may safely interlock your digits with theirs.

I wondered if it wouldn’t simply be easier to ask, “May I hold your hand?”

Either way, we both agreed that we hope women really like dorks.

One thought on “Take My Hand, Love

  1. Best hand-holding move I’ve ever experienced? Watching a movie with J-Mo and he simply turned his hand over (palm up) and offered it to me for me to hold. Of course, I was already swoony about him in the first place, so the idea of NOT holding his hand was completely invalid. 🙂


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