Location, Location, Location

So there’s this thing I’ve been thinking about recently…  I see this young man at church every week.  He tends to sit in the back, plays games on his tablet, wears one headphone in his left ear while he listens to the sermon with his right.  I see him, and I think, “You know, he could be playing this game anywhere… but he chooses to come here.”  And I think that means something.

And then there’s this other thing…  I spend at least one evening a month at my parents’ house.  They’d feed me dinner, my parents, and then I’d usually go downstairs with my dad and watch cartoons.  We sit and watch the TV in silence, except for the occasional chuckle when there’s a particularly clever joke.  So I’m sitting there, and I think, “You know, I could be watching this show at home… but I’m sitting here with my dad.”  And I think that means something.

So I’m sitting here, now, writing this, and every now and again, I look up at the door, where I don’t have a doorbell hooked up, waiting for a knock that never comes.  I’m looking at my phone, an old flip-phone, that never lights up.  And I’m barely watching a TV show, one I don’t even really like.  And I think, “You know…”

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