Braddy’s Rules of Dating

I have a string of social neuroses and other psychological hangups that keep me from dating on a regular basis. Once upon a time, I realized that I had somehow developed a list of bizarre prerequisites that had to take place before I could actually ask a girl on a date. I wrote these rules down, and now I know why I don’t go out more often:

  • Rule the First: Before asking a woman on a date, I have to establish a basic, friendly rapport with said woman, usually through casual conversation.
  • Rule the Second: Conversation with a woman cannot be aimless; there must be a decent motivation behind starting up a conversation.
  • Rule the Third (also known as the Destroyer Rule): Romantic interest is not an acceptable motivation for conversation.

By living according to these rules, I can’t ever have a conversation with a woman I’m interested in, and thus I can only ask out women I have no intention of dating. Thankfully, I’ve been able to break these rules on more than a few occasions, but still… It’s little wonder that I date as infrequently as I do. 


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