Eyes of the Willow


Hmm… this didn’t quite do what I wanted…

Feeling uninspired and in need of some new scenery, I took a hike a couple of weeks ago and went up into the mountains.  I think the change of scenery was just what I needed.  I’m a suburbanite by nature (which is a contradiction in terms if ever there was one), so seeing some genuine leafy goodness provided just the shock to my complacent system that kickstarted those creative juices.

One of the images I was most struck by was a particular pale white tree.  I’m pretty sure it was a willow, but you could tell me it was poison oak and I wouldn’t have the authority to contradict you.  Anyway, wherever a branch had been stripped away, there remained on the trunk dark scarring that looked a lot like a cartoon eye.  Trees and eyes are a good, creepy combination.

So I drew a picture.  It wasn’t creepy.  It’s barely discernable that there’s a tree in it at all.  Still, it’s a thing I drew, and I haven’t been doing enough of that, so… progress?

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