Two Pathways


And today in “Stuff I Didn’t Know About Myself”… I have a thing for drawing butterflies.

Apparently I’ve been watching too much TV about time travel, because this picture was pretty much inspired by the “Butterfly Effect.” I’d also been wanting to do another pen and ink sketch (as opposed to digital).  Those always looks a little messier to me, but I think I like making them more.

My absolute FAVORITE part about putting this piece together, though, was the time I pulled it out during church (as you do) to work on it.  The guy sitting to my left saw me working on the leftmost part of the page and immediately gasped in horror.  “That’s goulish!” he said, a phrase he repeated about seven or eight times before Sunday School ended.

I don’t think it’s goulish.  If it were goulish, the dead guy would be on the right side of the page.

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