Braddy’s Nature Hike (And What He Saw There)

A while back, I felt a bit… creatively under the weather, so I decided that the thing I needed was to get out into “The Nature” so I could get all inspired by the scenery and whatnot.  So I went hiking.

Turns out “The Nature” is a wonderful place, which I completely failed to capture with my sketchbook and mechanical pencil.


I’m gonna chalk a lot of that up to impatience.  See, I’ve learned that really good drawing takes a really, really long time, and, frankly, I didn’t want to spend the entire day just sitting on a rock sketching a single piece of landscape.  So I did some quick doodles and moved on to the next scene.

Turns out that, as much as I loved being in “The Nature,” there was very little along the lines of actual wilderness for me to see.  Admittedly, I chose to hike a pretty popular trail on a pretty busy weekend, so I shouldn’t be at all surprised that I continually ran into other hikers on the trail.  The thing that weirded me out the most, though, was coming across a bobby pin as I hiked.

I don’t think ANYPLACE can be considered wilderness if there are bobby pins lying about.


Not only that, but, when I reached the end of the hiking trail, rather than this pristine, untouched oasis of pure nature, I found a dried-up old lake with a beaten-down stone wall.  Which, you know, was actually pretty cool.  See, the wall had this big gaping hole right in the middle, as though the trees all lined up behind it and butted the whole thing over.  It wasn’t exactly “natural,” but it was really the exact kind of scenery I was (apparently) hoping to find.


As was this bridge, which was… you know, just a bridge.  A bridge I found within the first five minutes of starting the hike.  I probably spent about a half hour on the bridge before I realized I really needed to get a move on if I was going to finish my hike before El Chupacabra came out for his nocturnal goat-feasting.

So, yeah, hiking was pretty cool.  It certainly got me excited about the “real world” again… although I don’t think I was quite prepared for the “real world” to be so demanding on my thirst glands.  I literally dripped with sweat.  I poured.  I was the clouds of heaven, opening up a deluge of perspiration on Noah’s dainty ark.  And I only had about a quart of water to drink on the way.  Lesson learned – I suck at outdoorsy stuff.

Also, are “thirst glands” a real thing?  I think my biology teacher teached me wrongly.

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