The World Revolves Around PDA


So I’ve been in the mood to watch a really good romance recently.  You know, the kind where there’s this guy, and this girl, and they are, like, totally in love with each other, but they don’t realize it, and so they agree to, like, be friends and help each other out, and they’re all biscuits and cream, except that, sometimes, one will sneak a peek at the other and get this kind of wistful look in their eye that says that they’re totally thinking about what it would be like if they could just open up enough to let the other one into their heart, and this goes on for, like, about an hour and a half of run time…

Yeah, so I decided to take those feelings and turn them into a picture about two parents making out in public while their kids beat each other up.  That’s how my train of thought works sometimes.

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