Yes, Indeed


Yeah… seems like every morning, I drag myself out of bed with ten minutes to spare before I have to be out the door for work.  I barely have the presence of mind to put on pants first.

I took a look back at my recent drawings, and there are… a lot of women in them.  Easily more than 50%.  It’s funny, but once upon a time, back when I was first learning how to draw, I didn’t draw ANY women for fear of… I don’t know, forgetting their hips or something.

In fact, I remember working on a picture once while a friend of mine was watching, only for her to lean over and say, “You know women have boobs, right?”

Another time, this same friend told me the women I drew needed to have their bras fixed, because they were all over the place…

I’ve never taken figure drawing, you guys.

Where was I going with this?

Oh, yeah.  I hate mornings.  But I think I said that already.

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