Away From the Tower


The solid black background was the result of a mistake.  Rather than find a way to fit it in sort of stylistically, I chose to black the whole thing out.

Do guys wear anything other than T-shirts?  See, I’m a guy, and I’ve been wearing clothes for at least 75% of my life, but I always seem to sport the same three basic looks:

  • T-shirt and jeans
  • Collared shirt, with or without a tie
  • Suit

That’s, like, six or seven different kinds of clothing.

Meanwhile, women’s fashion seems to consist of a ridiculous amount of variety:  skirts, slacks, shorts, skorts, scarves, blouses, dresses, gowns, and about a billion variations on those with names I’d be embarrassed to use for fear of accidentally naming a city in Turkey instead of an article of clothing.

Maybe I just need to crack open a GQ magazine or something…

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