Greetings from Guatemala!

So I’m on vacation at the moment… which normally means that I’m at home, baking cakes and watching Sailor Moon. However, this time it means I’m sitting up in a hotel room in a completely different country, fiddling around on my iPad instead of sleeping. Also, I don’t speak any of the languages here. You’d think I’d be freaking out a bit.

Instead, I find myself thinking about how much of a relief it is to be able to stand up whenever I want after nearly 7 hours in an airplane. I’m also dwelling a lot on the ending of the in-flight movie I watched: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Spoiler alert: it’s sad.

I’m also thinking about the man on crutches I saw while our bus made its way back to the hotel. His legs appeared to be completely useless as he swung them about like a pendulum, yet, when the headlights of a car fell on him while he was in the intersection, he smiled, waved, and promptly did the most enthusiastic handstand I’ve ever seen.

I also find myself thinking about the moon – which is a thing I do a lot, apparently. Funny thing – I feel like I’m half a world away from home, and yet it looks exactly the dang same here as it does there.


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