Distracted in Paradise

So I’m here in Guatemala on a caroling choir tour. At almost every leg of our trip, we’ve made a stop at the local branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where we’ve sung a couple of songs (or just used the bathrooms). The funny thing is, every single LDS building, apparently in the world, is equipped with wi-fi, so we Americans immediately hop on to check out what’s new on Facebook.

Now, on some level, that makes sense. After all, we’re in Guatemala, a far-less technologically-developed country than the United States where we are all from. Most of the hotels we’ve stayed in don’t have the Internet, so we’ve all been a little anxious to keep in touch with friends and families.On the other hand… we’re in Guatemala. We’re in a land full of deep green flora, the likes of which we’ve never seen back in the deserts of Utah. We’re surrounded by centuries-old cathedrals, restaurants with exciting new foods, we’re just a few hours away from actual Mayan ruins. The biggest thing on our minds, surrounded by so much novelty, is making sure we’re getting enough likes on our Instagram pics.

Heck, I almost missed seeing this super cool waterfall because I was too busy playing spaceship simulator games on my iPad.

Americans are weird, yo.

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