So This Is The Post About Bathrooms

Yeah, so I’m actually back from Guatemala now, but since I spent a large part of the trip in places where there was no wi-fi access, I’ve still got some stuff to share. So sit back and enjoy as I talk about potty stuff. 

  • Most of the places we stayed in didn’t have large water heaters. Instead, they had these little electrical units attached to the shower head. We had to get trained on using them so we wouldn’t electrocute ourselves.
  • Some bathrooms in Guatemala have those automatic motion sensors on sinks when you wash your hands; however a lot of places had these physical dangly-things you had to actively be touching in order to get water flowing while you washed your hands. They felt terribly unsanitary, to me. However, most public restrooms also have towel dispensers specifically designed to be used with your whole forearm rather than your newly washed hand, which I appreciated.
  • So apparently, the sewer lines in Guatemala aren’t designed to handle toilet paper. Therefore, your gently used waste paper was to be tactfully folded and discarded in a special waste bin. Sometimes, those bins even had lids on them. I… admit that I never got quite used to this.

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