The Eight-Hour Lasagna


You know what I love?  Making food.

What I could do with a little less of?  Making ingredients.

For example, one of my favorite things to make are cake pops.  I’m not a big fan of cake by itself, though, so rather than taking a long time to perfect a cake recipe to turn into cake pops, I just use cake mix.  It’s quick, simple, and the end result is still pretty tasty.

I culled this recipe from a cookbook collecting dishes from that one Bobby Flay show (not Flay’s recipe, bee tee dubs). The thing that attracted me to the recipe was the first step – making your own meatballs.  The only pasta sauce I’ve ever made comes from canned tomato paste with a few spices thrown in.  The idea of actually making my own seasoned meatballs really appealed to me.

…but then I just had to crumble the balls up so that they’d fit between the layers of lasagna noodles.

Hey, don’t get me wrong – this is real good lasagna.  It just, you know, takes for-bleedin’-ever.  Next time, I’mma just make spaghetti and meatballs.

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