And Here’s a Creepy Drawing of a Teenage Girl Getting Possessed


So this was an awkward one…  Lemme tell you why.

Nowadays, whenever I get a story idea, instead of writing the first chapter or two before abandoning it (forever) in favor of reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, I tend to draw a picture of it… and then I abandon it (forever) in favor of watching Johnny Quest on DVD.  I have this story idea about a teenage girl who lives in a haunted house and gets attacked by the ghosts living there.  So I started drawing it.

As I was working on this picture, I kept getting the feeling that the image wasn’t looking quite right.  Sure, I mean, the girl had a decidedly uncomfortable look on her face, and her pose was pretty painful looking, but the picture wasn’t… pretty enough.  So I took a long time, trying to “pretty” things up a bit.  You know, making the body shapelier, trying to get a more “feminine” expression on the face, making adjustments to the wardrobe…

I probably spent a good thirty minutes sketching different ideas before I realized that I was subconsciously trying to make a teenage girl in the throes of a demonic possession “sexier.”

Frankly, I wound up a little disgusted with myself.  I decided to let the picture just be the way it was (cleaned up some of the hemlines on the dress, too, for good measure) and inked it.  The person in the picture’s not as “attractive” as I think I would have liked, but, really, attractiveness shouldn’t have ever been the goal to begin with.

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