Ah, Brownies… My Old Nemeses

A few years ago, I attempted to make brownies.  Not just plain chocolate brownies, though.  I’d found a recipe for Cinnamon Clove Brownies in a fancy little cookbook.  I set out to make them, and the experience was… an unmitigated disaster.

The directions say “bake until a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean.”

So I did… and, about an hour later, I had dry, inedible cocoa powder bars.


So, years have passed, and I’d like to think that I’ve gotten better at baking.  So I whipped up another batch, incorporating the exact right amount of fancy demerara sugar, blending everything in my high-tech food processor… and I wound up with undercooked, butter-fattened sludge.

Back in high school, chemistry was one of my best subjects, until you put me in front of a Bunsen burner.  On paper, chemistry makes a ton of sense to me, but in practice, it completely baffles me.  And baking… yeah, that’s a lot like chemistry.

Chocolate is delicious.  Cinnamon and cloves are delicious.  Butter is delicious.  Put them together, and you should get… I dunno.  Deliciousness cubed.

Curse you, brownies.  You made me believe that you would be tasty, and then you went and broke my heart.  I don’t know that I can forgive you for that.

3 thoughts on “Ah, Brownies… My Old Nemeses

  1. You might find that your troubles are due to high altitude. Look into it. You probably need to adjust some of the amounts of ingredients like flour.


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