Flavored Oil Flavored Ice Cream

So I walk into the Mountain Town Olive Oil Company (which is totally a thing) and… well, I don’t know what I was expecting, but it sure is a shop full of different kinds of olive oil.

“Let me show you our best sellers,” the clerk said, and she led me over to a row of vats, all full of olive oil. “Why don’t you try some?”

“What, you mean, like, drink it?”

In response, she motioned to a stack of tiny paper cups.

So, yeah, I spent the next ten minutes drinking a bunch of different kinds of olive oil. Blood orange. Tropical lime. And when I got sick of the oils, I chased it down with a few tiny cups of balsamic vinegar.

I settled on the lemon-flavored olive oil. “Do you think this would make good ice cream?” I asked.

I’m reasonably certain nobody had ever asked her that question before.

Well, guess what? It makes DELICIOUS ice cream. Next time, I’m grabbing the blood orange.

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