Priciest Toy I Ever Bought…

A few weekends ago, I realized that, with my new change in employment, I was suddenly way more… financially solvent… than I’m used to being. So, to balance the scales, as it were, I decided to empty my savings account and buy a new toy: an iPad Pro.

I’d read the reviews: this is not a device for everyone. In fact, I dare say most people are better off getting something completely less expensive. But for me, someone who’s been trying to draw more regularly, it’s been one of the most exciting additions to my art tool belt.

I’ve been using an app called Procreate (I know, I know) for my digital drawing for years, and, while I’ve loved it, I’ve never been satisfied with the way lines traced with my finger have looked. Now that I’ve been using the iPad Pro (with the Apple Pencil) (sold separately) (for a pretty penny more than a normal pencil), I feel I can do much more drawing purely digitally. Everything, from draft to inks, I can now do on the iPad screen, and I wind up with something that looks as good as if I’d done it the old fashioned way.

Which, you know, still isn’t necessarily GOOD…

The above picture took me about three weeks of sleepy Sundays to finish up. Maybe not my finest work, but I feel like I gave it my best effort. Any shortcomings in the picture I can blame squarely on the artist,  rather than the tools.

All of which is just to say that I’ve finally learned how cool a stylus can be. Thanks, Apple!

(Okay, yeah, this post got pretty snarky… but seriously, the iPad Pro is really cool!)

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