Comic Con Warm-Up

I spent my Saturday evening at a tournament for Magic: The Gathering, which, if you don’t know, is a nerd game for nerds.  For the record, I won 3 of my 4 games.  Not too shabby.  

Anyways, the store owners hired this girl to dress up as a character from the game.  As far as I can tell, she was really only there to create a photo op, although maybe she sold some prints or something?  She had, like, her whole portfolio there.
Anyways anyways, all the guys in the shop that took pictures with her got these happy little portraits done, with their arms around the girl’s waist while she held up her crazy spear like some psycho death metal version of American Gothic.  After watching this go on for a while, I had to jump in and show this crowd how one should REALLY get their picture taken with a cosplayer.  After all, I can’t imagine this girl strapped on those blood-stained wings and jammed those blackout contacts into her eyes in order to reenact Lilith’s First Prom Night.

And all this got me thinking… Guys, I am getting, like, STUPID excited for Salt Lake’s 2016 Comic Con. This is honestly a little disturbing to me. After all, should I, a grown man with a mortgage and a full-time job and a whole host of other serious concerns, really be getting so excited to wander through crowds of costumed weirdos in an overpacked convention hall, just so I can spend my day talking about comic books and getting pictures taken with teenagers all dressed up as their favorite anime character, especially when said event is still more than a month away?

You bet your buttermilk biscuits I should.  Jumping in to dumb photos with the cosplayers at last years convention was about the most fun I had all year.  Dignity and decorum be darned, but I absolutely loved getting the crap kicked out of me by every kid in a video game costume, and I can’t wait to do it again.
Besides, I’m also getting super stoked for Christmas, and, seeing as how it’s now July, I think we can all agree that’s a more serious problem.

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