Chewy Ginger(less) Snaps

So, yeah, you might remember that I’ve said before that, as much as I like cooking, I tend to have trouble with baked goods.  Anything even slightly more complicated than basic white bread usually doesn’t work out.  Still, when you need something to make on a Sunday afternoon, you don’t want to go to the store, and you have some molasses and ginger to use up, you do what you gotta do.

And I gotta say:  These actually turned out okay.  I haven’t really tried to make cookies much.  There’s not much to them.  Throw the wet stuff in one bowl, the dry stuff in another, mix ’em together, and then put them in the oven just long enough to make them a bit nervous.  Not bad.

In fact, these turned out so well that I bragged to my mother about making them the next day.

“Really?” she said.  “Did you use fresh ginger or powdered?”

I opened my mouth to respond.  Then I thought about the bottle of ginger powder sitting on my kitchen counter.  Unopened.

Okay, yeah, I forgot the ginger in my ginger snaps.  But you know what?  I remade them a few days later WITH the ginger, and I could barely taste the difference.  Maybe a recipe that lets the molasses overpower the ginger is the best recipe, but I’d eat these chewy molasses cookies again any day.

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