Running Late

So you know how, like, in Sailor Moon and all those other magical girl shows, the protagonist always wakes up late for school and runs out the door with her uniform all a shambles and toast in her mouth? No? I’m the only one who watches those shows?

Well, anyway, that’s what this picture is about, except with an American girl instead of a Japanese one. Mainly, I drew this to experiment with some Screentones I purchased, which provide the sky and the roof with their textures. I think it looks… well, okay, I guess.

SLCC Comic Con: Day Three

I had planned to attend about a half-dozen panels on the last day of Salt Lake City Comic Con. Instead, I spent about seven hours getting my picture taken. Hold on to your butts: we’ve got a lot of pics to get through.

Easily the highlight of the con:  getting my face melted off by an eleven-year-old with a fistful of Eggo’s (Stranger Things).

Are you ready to duel? (Yu-Gi-Oh)

Can’t expect me not to fangirl out when surrounded by some of my favorite Disney ladies, can you?

Yeah, this is probably okay to drink (The Emperor’s New Groove).

Pretty awesome Winter Soldier arm.

“Nice Wiccan cosplay!”  “Thanks for recognizing me!”

Save me, Prince Phillip!


Y’all know Dum-Dum Dugan, right?

Hey, Rapunzel, if you’re not impressed with Mr. Rider there, I know a slightly-balding guy who might be more interesting…


I lost my jaw to Lady Hellboy.

That is one surprising bird-monster (Warhammer).

Must… resist… urge… to… inuendo!


Sometimes, you just have to sit down and cry and very purposefully not look behind you.

This photo is practically perfect in every way.

Who’s the cutest little gonk droid?  That’s right, you are!

I don’t think Tumnus knows where to go any more than I do.

Doo doo da doo dooooo…  Doo doo da doo dooooooo.

Ain’t got no strings on me!

No lie… Those claws actually choked me a bit (Dark Crystal).

I can’t wait until “By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth” becomes a meme.

W.A.S.P.s of a feather…

All bow down before the Deku Princess (Majora’s Mask).

Buttercup, Blossom, Braddy, and Bubbles.

And here I’ll add a happy little Comic-Con…

SPOOOOOOOOOON!!! (I actually didn’t notice the spoon until I looked at the picture afterwards…)



You can’t see it, but I totes gots that dance magic! (Labyrinth)

Best obscure meme of 2016 reference at the con!

Dugtrio is evolving!  Dugtrio has evolved into… Dugquattro! (Pokemon)

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure Sheik here was holding real nails… (Ocarina of Time)

This girl was such a good sport… Pretty sure she had no desire to take a picture with a dude twice her age, but she indulged me anyway (Sailor Moon).

Wish I’d noticed the cuddly Wookie buddy waving me down first…

This cute little Hawkgirl with wings made out of music sheets had one of the best costumes in the con!

“Do a Tracer pose, and I’ll imitate you,” I said.  I’ll admit I was expecting a different pose (Overwatch).

Little magical girl soldiers in perfectly fighting-appropriate skirts… because Japan (Puella Magi Madoka Magicka).

More Mass Effecty goodness… The game’s actually pretty cool, provided you never have to get on an elevator.

I’ve seen worse presidential candidates…

Now that Comic Con is over, I’m feeling a bit sad. I absolutely love all the people watching, not to mention the panels and shopping. At the same time, I’ve got a severe cramp in my foot, and I think I got a cold from that Spider-Man kissing booth, so I’m pretty excited to have some recovery time. You might say I’ve got… MIXED EMOTIONS.

Thank you and good night!

SLCC 2016 Cosplay: Day Two

Man, thanks to Suicide Squad and Hotpants Harley Quinn, I have seen SO many butts this week!

The following are photos of not-butts.

Zelda, and… Um, I forgot what the girl’s name is.

Frickin’ rad alien chick (Mass Effect).

This Fezzik was pretty great… even if I’m taller than him.

Yes, I know I said Thor was a woman yesterday, but sometimes he’s a horse from outer space.

I can honestly say I have never seen Phryne Fisher cosplay before.

My friend Devon, the mermaid.

Harsh lessons from Master Splinter.

Magic doggie from heaven (Okami).

Dude’s Doctor Doom armor was actually made of metal.

This is the face of obliviousness (Metal Gear).

Pretty sure I know who wins this shootout (Fullmetal Alchemist).

Never been so happy to be photographed with Death (The Book of Life).

The power of Science! (Big Hero Six)

“What should I do in my photo with the Transformers?”

“Get beat up!” my photographer said… because of course.

SLCC 2016 Cosplay Pics: Day One

Easily my favorite activity from Salt Lake Comic Con last year: getting my shapely buttocks handed to me by the fightingest costumed crime fighters of the cosplay scene. Heck, I enjoyed it so much that… that’s basically all I did today. Here are the best pics I got from day 1:

A trio of ruffians from some nerd game for nerds (Overwatch).

Captain Marvel, complete with mohawk.

Thor (yes, Thor’s a woman now).

Dr. Fate, complete with swanky jacket.

My buddies and I and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Captain America, Peggy Carter, and a dislocated jaw.

Tippi Hedren (The Birds).

Wirt and a very meaningful cassette tape (Over the Garden Wall).

Four incredibly sexy people (DC Bombshells).

Red Queen, White Rabbit, Yellow Braddy.

Some bloke in very impressive and (dare I say) handsome armor.

More broke, more armor.

The second worst prom I ever attended.

The worst prom… ever (Mulan).

The world’s deadliest geometry (Silent Hill).

Lady Scarecrow and a glove of syringes.

Ms. Marvel – the best kid.

Me picking a fight with Lady Star Wars…

…and here we see how well that turned out.

And, finally, Steampunk Santa. The best thing any child could have hoped for.