SLCC 2016 Cosplay Pics: Day One

Easily my favorite activity from Salt Lake Comic Con last year: getting my shapely buttocks handed to me by the fightingest costumed crime fighters of the cosplay scene. Heck, I enjoyed it so much that… that’s basically all I did today. Here are the best pics I got from day 1:

A trio of ruffians from some nerd game for nerds (Overwatch).

Captain Marvel, complete with mohawk.

Thor (yes, Thor’s a woman now).

Dr. Fate, complete with swanky jacket.

My buddies and I and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Captain America, Peggy Carter, and a dislocated jaw.

Tippi Hedren (The Birds).

Wirt and a very meaningful cassette tape (Over the Garden Wall).

Four incredibly sexy people (DC Bombshells).

Red Queen, White Rabbit, Yellow Braddy.

Some bloke in very impressive and (dare I say) handsome armor.

More broke, more armor.

The second worst prom I ever attended.

The worst prom… ever (Mulan).

The world’s deadliest geometry (Silent Hill).

Lady Scarecrow and a glove of syringes.

Ms. Marvel – the best kid.

Me picking a fight with Lady Star Wars…

…and here we see how well that turned out.

And, finally, Steampunk Santa. The best thing any child could have hoped for.

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