SLCC 2016 Cosplay: Day Two

Man, thanks to Suicide Squad and Hotpants Harley Quinn, I have seen SO many butts this week!

The following are photos of not-butts.

Zelda, and… Um, I forgot what the girl’s name is.

Frickin’ rad alien chick (Mass Effect).

This Fezzik was pretty great… even if I’m taller than him.

Yes, I know I said Thor was a woman yesterday, but sometimes he’s a horse from outer space.

I can honestly say I have never seen Phryne Fisher cosplay before.

My friend Devon, the mermaid.

Harsh lessons from Master Splinter.

Magic doggie from heaven (Okami).

Dude’s Doctor Doom armor was actually made of metal.

This is the face of obliviousness (Metal Gear).

Pretty sure I know who wins this shootout (Fullmetal Alchemist).

Never been so happy to be photographed with Death (The Book of Life).

The power of Science! (Big Hero Six)

“What should I do in my photo with the Transformers?”

“Get beat up!” my photographer said… because of course.

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