“Inktober” 2016: Eleven

I debated whether I’d try the Inktober thing again this year, especially since I doubt I’ll have time to pencil and ink thirty-one different pictures the way I did last year. Moreover, I don’t really have much desire to work on physical inks again, when I’ve been dedicating so much time to drawing digitally. Finally, I just… wasn’t satisfied with how last year’s pictures turned out.

Ultimately, I opted to go for it, although I have decided to work 100% digitally this time around. While the explicit purpose of Inktober is to get artists working in inks, the true goal is to get them drawing. So, yeah, Inktober’s happening again here in the Braddyverse.

And so, to get us started, here’s a picture of Eleven. Happy Inktober!

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