“Inktober” 2016: Shazam!

You know, I really ought to learn to draw musculature some day…

A few months back, I picked up DC’s Showcase Presents Shazam! v. 1, featuring “the original Captain Marvel.” The book is full of these goofy Silver Age comics, wherein young Billy Batson fights crime by shouting his magic word and transforming into The World’s Mightiest Mortal (TM). Joining him in his fight are his sister, Mary Marvel, and some random kid on the street, all of whom happen to have the same powers. Also, they’re allied with Talky Tawny, the talking tiger. These stories are goofy as all get out, and I absolutely love them.

The best part, though, is the villains. I think my personal favorite is Mister Mind, a maniacal super genius who forms the Monster Society of Evil in order to conquer the world and wreak horrible vengeance upon the Marvel family. He’s also a tiny worm from another dimension. He wears a little radio around his neck so that he can broadcast his words loudly enough for larger creatures to hear. Also? He’s adorable.

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