“Inktober” 2016: Ralts ft. Kirby Krackle

This is Ralts. She’s a Fairy/Psychic type Pokémon. She is also not the reason this sketch exists.
The dot pattern surrounding the figure is an old-school superhero comic drawing technique called Kirby Krackle. Jack Kirby often used similar designs to indicate the presence of immense cosmic power. Makes it pretty appropriate for a baby Pokémon, no?

It’s actually a pretty cool technique. You start by filling in the black globby circles, and then you sort of carve these big chunks out of them with white paint (or, in this case, a white-colored Procreate brush).  I mean, I suppose you could just draw the sorta fractally pattern with a pen and then fill it in, which is my usual impulse, but then you’re not likely to get quite the same effect.

Now that I’ve learned Kirby Krackle, maybe it’s time to learn how to draw stuff that actually occurs in nature… like shadows.

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