2017 Art Dump

Blogging wasn’t the only thing I wasn’t able to do much of in 2017. I also found myself less and less inclined to dedicate any significant amount of time to drawing. I found a few moments here and there to do up a quick doodle:

I was surprised to discover that I actually stopped blogging pretty much right after the 2016 presidential election. I suspect I may have been a bit frustrated by the proceedings…

A rare dalliance with color. Not exactly my strongest suit, but this one was fun.

Concept art for a failed NaNo project about a girl who gets super powers from Santa Claus. I’ll still probably go back to it at some point.

I also managed to complete the Inktober challenge (in that I completed a drawing every single day, although my preferred medium probably excludes me from actual Inktober notoriety). Here are the highlights:

Yeah, I even managed some Taylor Swift fan art. I’ll admit to holding some fondness for good ol’ T-Swizzle, pre-Reputation. Not a fan of the new Taylor.

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