Cooking with Braddy: Pasta Aglio e Oglio

Does food look more delectable up close? You be the judge:

Did the pasta just get out of the pool?

As a nerd and a burgeoning foodie, I’ve really latched onto the Binging with Babish YouTube channel, where an apparently headless cook with a sexy voice tries to recreate prominent dishes from television and movies. In particular, I was drawn to this delectable dish from the movie Chef, which I have never seen. I’m not sure what attracted me to this particular dish the most – my intense love for pasta, the six simple ingredients involved, or the clip of Scarlett Johansson making sexy eyes at John Favreau in the video clip.

I mean, there’s a reason I decided to try this dish while on a date…

So did it work? Well… no. But that wasn’t the recipe’s fault.

First, I neglected to save some of the pasta water to help set up the sauce. I tried to compensate by just adding a bit of warm water, which worked probably about as well as I would expect it to in hindsight. Eesh. Couple that with adding way, WAY too much lemon juice, and the end result was…

Well, it was lemon-flavored pasta. Which was fine enough for what it was, but it was only barely enough to get ScarJo sexy eyes from my date. In the end, I think I only got the eyes because she’s got a thing for beards. So the date was a win, even if the dinner wasn’t quite. Still, I’ll definitely try it again, if only to prove that I can actually read the gorram directions.

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