Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Luke Skywalker

Once again, Inktober is upon us, and what better way to begin a challenging artistic endeavor than with a nourishing sip of fresh milk?

Luke Skywalker made a huge impact on me last year. We left him at the end of Return of the Jedi in a mostly hopeful state. Watching him fall and rise back up again in The Last Jedi was the most I’ve ever related to (and been inspired by) the character.

Seriously, Luke in The Last Jedi is the best Luke. I love him forever.

I’m being a bit more up front about the fact that I’m not obeying the letter of the Inktober law. I don’t draw in ink. I work exclusively digitally. And I sketch each of my pictures in digital pencil first. I feel I’m engaging in the spirit of the event, though, so I’ll be posting every day for the month, using the #inktober hashtag, and I won’t even feel bad about it.

Okay, maybe a little bad.

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