So Final Fantasy IX got a Switch release last week, which pretty much meant that I had to buy it again. IX is one of the only main line Final Fantasy games I’ve ever played through to completion, and I always think I’m going to go back and run through it again. And yet… every time I attempted, I always hit a brick wall less than a half-hour in.

Oh, Vivi… you’re such a good boy. But why you gotta spend so much time jumping rope? That jump rope sequence ends more Final Fantasy IX run-throughs for me than any other opening in any other game.


Whatever the story involving this little dino priest turns into, I’m pretty sure it;s going to involve these stone masks. I’m less sure that it’ll involve humanoid women in evening dresses with mouths instead of eyes. Not entirely consistent with the rest of the setting design, I don’t think.

Super fun to draw, though.

I Dunno… Some Trees? I Guess?

A suggestion I quite liked from a Skillshare video called “Doodle Magic” by Yasmina Creates was to pull up Pinterest and just doodle a bunch of different versions of a particular object in order to expand your “visual vocabulary.”

“Great,” I said. “Let’s draw some trees, because I draw a bunch of trees, all the time.”


The fiancĂ©e looked at this picture and said, “It’s cute. I don’t get it.”

There’s really nothing to get. I’ve been watching a bunch of tutorials on Skillshare recently, including a rather cute series on “doodling.” That’s pretty much all there is to this picture. It’s just a doodle.