My Old Autobiocomix

So I’m doing a “konmari” on my house and getting rid of… just the most stuff. In this process, I stumbled across a folder collecting a ton of my old drawings, including this weird experiment I tried for about three months back in 2013 – creating a single image of something that happened to me each day. I’ve been holding onto these drawings for years, but I think it’s time to let them go…

…right after I photograph them and share them all one last time.

I spent a lot of time in 2013 really concerned about being lonely for the rest of my life. I’d also grown a beard, which was pretty momentous, and I started working as a manager for a health care clinic, suddenly making more money than I ever in my life thought I would.

Most days I’d go out jogging for about fifteen/twenty minutes. That was about all I could stand.

I was REALLY into cartoons. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was, and remains, a pure favorite.

I did most of these drawings in less than fifteen minutes apiece. My sense of the human figure wasn’t the best: I look wildly different from one day to the next. Interestingly, though, I made the choice to try to capture exactly what I wore each day. I’m pretty sure I still own the shorts in the upper-right corner.

The thing that stands out the most in each of these pictures that show me at work is how much, even then, I felt worn down by my job. Being a manager nearly killed me.

So apparently I have played the “penis game” at least once in my life. I have no memory of this.

I found a bunch of pretty interesting ways to depict “I just worked a lot.”

I used to throw “Saturday Morning Cartoon Parties,” where I’d get a bunch of my adult friends and their kids together to watch a bunch of different cartoons and eat cereal. We’d watch Batman: The Animated Series, DuckTales, and, of course, My Little Pony. I actually recall Jem and the Holograms being a particular favorite… for certain values of the word “favorite.”

I used to belong to this amazing book club. We read several books that I still consider personal favorites to this day, including My Name is Asher Lev, The Butterfly Mosque, and East of Eden. Pretty sure that’s what’s going on in the upper-left corner here.

Weirdly enough, I think my favorite drawings from this bizarre time of my life are the ones of me just hanging out in the kitchen and cooking.

I don’t think I’ve ever paid as much attention to pop music as I did during the summer of 2013, where I must have heard Justin Timberlake’s “Mirror” literally hundreds of times. What a stinker of a song.

Setting aside how bizarre the body proportions in these pictures frequently were, I kinda loved the attention I showed to certain unflattering details, like my developing potbelly or the sweat spots in my arm pits.

…or the water I splashed onto my pants while washing the dishes.

Put a gun to my head, and I doubt I could tell you why I drew what appears to be a jheri curl on my little brother.

I also still have this same bedspread that I drew myself sitting or reading on. Now it’s got a huge hole in it, and the stuffing’s falling out. Trouble is my current house is pretty cold, so I never feel like I can afford to get rid of any blankets.

And here it is: an honest to goodness family portrait, drawn by me. My family’s grown by two more munchkins since then.

In all of the dejunking I’m currently going through, my fiancée has forbidden me to throw away my copy of Midnight’s Children. I should probably try to finish that one again.

Church was a much bigger part of my life during the summer of 2013. I remember making regular trips to the local temple, and, although I have no memory of the “shave your legs” conversation, I’m pretty sure I had it with a young man with Down’s syndrome who went to the same congregation as me.

Although I’d already begun preparations to buy a house, it was housesitting for my brother while he went on vacation that really cemented the idea in my head. I’d be in a house with a life-crushing mortgage less than three months after these drawings were done.

Now we start to see the reason why I didn’t keep these drawings going. As an office manager, I oversaw three employees who kept the clinic running. Here, Employee #1 turns in her two-weeks’ notice.

Also, I hope y’all will like this blog, because apparently that’s something really important to me 🙂

Employee #2 hands in her two-weeks’ notice as well. I must have been feeling the stress, because I made the completely bonkers decision to shave my beard off.

And there goes Employee #3. At this point, I haven’t had a chance to replace any of them yet. For the next month, I ran the clinic by myself, working 12-hour days with no social life and no additional pay. But hey – at least I was still in the middle of buying a house and signing a mortgage.


I actually remember this weekend pretty vividly: hours on end, watching Lost from the warm, numbing embrace of a giant Love Sac.

And that’s it. Apparently, the last thing I did before giving up on this whole experiment was catch a screening of Starship Troopers, which I believe was accompanied by Rifftrax commentary, although I can’t be sure now.

After this, my life changed pretty dramatically. I finally got three new employees hired, I moved into my new house, and I grew the beard back. I’m pretty glad I attempted this project for as long as I did, and I’d even consider trying it again.

Someday, maybe. After the wedding. When life finally calms down again.

Anybody else hear that music?

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