Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Poison Ivy

I’ve gotten kinda sick of “serious Batman.” Like, don’t get me wrong, there are some great serious Batman stories out there, but, you know, Batman can be used in other stories, too. Like funny Batman, or high adventure Batman…

…or that most underutilized of all Batmen: cute Batman.

Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Donna Sheridan

The girlfriend finally persuaded me to watch Mamma Mia with her, and… gotta admit, I was pretty charmed. I especially found Meryl Streep’s performance engaging and enthusiastic. The hype is real.

As for Mamma Mia 2… who wanted “Sad ABBA: The Musical”?

Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Celeste

Retro-style indie platformer Celeste is perhaps one of the best games I’ve ever played. On the surface, it’s a game about an aimless millennial trying to climb a mountain. As you play, though, the game slowly reveals a (slightly supernatural) story about a young woman coping with what appears to be an anxiety disorder. Her struggles, exacerbated by the strain of the climb, also manifest in a dark shadow that hounds her every step. I’ve loved everything about the game.

Well, everything except for those $#%@in’ strawberries.

Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Persona 3

I picked up the video game Persona 3 a few years back during a craving for something excruciatingly Japanese. Would I have picked the game up if it didn’t have a slightly embarrassing veneer of edgy teenage angst? Probably not. Would the game have been nearly as good without that nü metal sheen? Also probably not. The game tackles some really hefty topics – life is brief, death is inevitable, but the love and connections we share with the people we meet on this journey make the whole experience worthwhile even so.

Plus there’s a hot springs episode!