Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Toyo Harada

Kinda phoning it in today, but I’m glad I got the chance to take a crack at this guy. Toyo Harada is the big bad of the Valiant line of comics, kind of a mix between Doctor Doom and the Kingpin, but also… like, weirdly sympathetic? Valiant comics are surprisingly great.

Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Celes Chere

Final Fantasy VI is the best game in the series. You disagree? You’re probably wrong.

I’ll allow arguments for IX being better. Everyone else take the exit to the left.

As much as the sixth installment has to offer, nothing appeals to me more than the wide, wonderful variety of characters. The stoic Cyan and his driving tragedy. The complicated love between twin brothers Edgar and Sabin. The tormented Terra. And then there’s Celes.

Battle-hardened general. Lab experiment with innate magic powers. Lonely survivor. And, of course, surprise opera singer. Didn’t see that last one coming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

At the Opera Tonight

Took my time working on this one. It never looked finished to me until I added the peacocks.

Inspired, in no small part, by the best scene in Final Fantasy VI. Literally everything I do has a nerdy motivation.

Based on a True Story

There’s a reason we call him “Meow-Meows”… and it’s not just to be cutesy. We call him by his name, and his name is his voice, and he is all and he is everywhere and he demands that we love him.

Send help.

Running Late

So you know how, like, in Sailor Moon and all those other magical girl shows, the protagonist always wakes up late for school and runs out the door with her uniform all a shambles and toast in her mouth? No? I’m the only one who watches those shows?

Well, anyway, that’s what this picture is about, except with an American girl instead of a Japanese one. Mainly, I drew this to experiment with some Screentones I purchased, which provide the sky and the roof with their textures. I think it looks… well, okay, I guess.