So Final Fantasy IX got a Switch release last week, which pretty much meant that I had to buy it again. IX is one of the only main line Final Fantasy games I’ve ever played through to completion, and I always think I’m going to go back and run through it again. And yet… every time I attempted, I always hit a brick wall less than a half-hour in.

Oh, Vivi… you’re such a good boy. But why you gotta spend so much time jumping rope? That jump rope sequence ends more Final Fantasy IX run-throughs for me than any other opening in any other game.

Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Celeste

Retro-style indie platformer Celeste is perhaps one of the best games I’ve ever played. On the surface, it’s a game about an aimless millennial trying to climb a mountain. As you play, though, the game slowly reveals a (slightly supernatural) story about a young woman coping with what appears to be an anxiety disorder. Her struggles, exacerbated by the strain of the climb, also manifest in a dark shadow that hounds her every step. I’ve loved everything about the game.

Well, everything except for those $#%@in’ strawberries.

Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Persona 3

I picked up the video game Persona 3 a few years back during a craving for something excruciatingly Japanese. Would I have picked the game up if it didn’t have a slightly embarrassing veneer of edgy teenage angst? Probably not. Would the game have been nearly as good without that nü metal sheen? Also probably not. The game tackles some really hefty topics – life is brief, death is inevitable, but the love and connections we share with the people we meet on this journey make the whole experience worthwhile even so.

Plus there’s a hot springs episode!

Cheating at Inktober ‘18: Celes Chere

Final Fantasy VI is the best game in the series. You disagree? You’re probably wrong.

I’ll allow arguments for IX being better. Everyone else take the exit to the left.

As much as the sixth installment has to offer, nothing appeals to me more than the wide, wonderful variety of characters. The stoic Cyan and his driving tragedy. The complicated love between twin brothers Edgar and Sabin. The tormented Terra. And then there’s Celes.

Battle-hardened general. Lab experiment with innate magic powers. Lonely survivor. And, of course, surprise opera singer. Didn’t see that last one coming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Inktober: Street Fighter’s Cammy


I love arcade fighting games.  I always have.

I am, however, incredibly terrible at them.  I play them, and then I get so frustrated that I just wanna gnaw my controller in half.

Seriously, there are teeth marks in my Dual Shock.

What I do love about fighting games, generally, is the clever character designs.  See, there’s not a whole lot of “plot” in these games, so the character designs usually have a lot of thought put into them.  They’re always a lot of fun to look at, even though the costumes don’t really have anything resembling practicality incorporated into them.

Don’t know why I mentioned all that.  Anyway, here’s a video game character who never wears pants.